Discraft Zeus vs Nuke vs Destroyer

by Denis Flaschner, Professional | PDGA #49081

Destroyer and Nuke and a Zeus on White Backdrop

Zeus, and Nukes, and Destroyers, oh my! You never know when hurricane-level winds are gonna pick up during your round, and that's where these overstable distance drivers shine.

With similar flight numbers, what are the differences between the Discraft Zeus vs Nuke vs Destroyer? Let’s take a closer look and see if you have the speed to bag one of these powerful drivers.

The bottom line..

The Zeus is a maximum speed distance driver. The sharp rim allows for consistent flight even in the wind. Better suited for faster arm speeds.

The Nuke is a distance driver made for power throwers with a thick rim and fast speed. Better for advanced players. It may also be a good choice for forehand throws. This disc is made in a variety of Discraft plastics.

The Destroyer is one of Innova's is a top selling distance drivers that allows more versatility for intermediate players. This thin rimmed disc has excellent distance and glide. Multiple plastic choices make this a really useful disc with lots of options as far as shot shape goes.

Ready to shop? You can buy all three of these overstable distance drivers in multiple plastics from our online disc golf shop! Now on to the review..

Zeus vs. Nuke vs. Destroyer Dimensions

The Dimensions of A Destroyer, Zeus, and Nuke

All three of these discs have pretty substantial different rim widths. Believe me, .3cm can make a big difference especially if you're a smaller-handed play like me.

Zeus Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Height: 1.6 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.3 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm

Nuke Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.2 cm
  • Height: 1.6 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.5 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm

Destroyer Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Height 1.4 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm

Although there is only a .1 cm difference in the diameter of the discs and the depth of the rims are the same, the difference in height and width make the Destroyer thinner and potentially more comfortable to grip.

At 2.5 cm, the Nuke has the widest rim which could be uncomfortable for small handed players or players who prefer smaller rimmed discs.


Here are the flight numbers for each of these disc golf discs:

Zeus: 12 | 5 | -1 | 3

Nuke: 13 | 5 | -1 | 3

Destroyer: 12 | 5 | -1 | 3

The overall differences are in the speed and the actual physical size of each disc (which effects the feel of the disc in your hand.) The Destroyer will probably feel more comfortable and is a better disc for intermediate players. The Discraft Nuke is the fastest and widest-rimmed disc of the three, which makes it better suited for more advanced players.

Discs on white background

The Destroyer's turn makes it the most versatile of these three discs to bag. Personally, I’m better able to shape shots with a destroyer and really get a full flight from it. In comparison, the Nuke and Zeus will require more power to throw and are better for a faster arm speed and more advanced players, fading hard without the needed speed.


These discs are each consistent in what they do. If you throw them on hyzer, they will hyzer. And with the right arm speed for each of these overstable discs, they can all have a nice turn that flips and then fades into a hard left fading finish.

They can also all hold up incredibly well in extremely windy conditions. The Discraft Zeus and Innova Destroyer are the most similar so it basically comes down to your plastic preferences when choosing between the two.

Plastic Types

The plastic you choose will effect the flight of each disc; sometimes pretty dramatically. Base plastics beat in faster and also tend to lose stability quickly, becoming somewhat unpredictable.

Premium plastics are usually harder (which can mean durable), but they tend to be more stable than other plastics of the same disc and provide less grip.

Zeus Plastic

Big Z Zeus on white background

The Zeus is available in Discraft swirly ESP and Big Z plastics. ESP is highly durable and super grippy plastic, and Big Z offers less grip but more stability and durability. You can check out the ESP Zeus and Big Z Zeus (seen above) in our shop.

Nuke Plastic

The Nuke is available in most of the plastics Discraft produces.

Discraft Big Z Nuke

Big Z plasic is a premium plastic that offers great grip and is extremely durable and tends to be more overstable than other plastics. You check out and purchase a Big Z Nuke from our online shop (seen above).

Ti (Titanium) has the durability of Z plastic with slightly less grip than ESP plastic.

ESP plastic is a highly durable line. This type of plastic is made to be very grippy while also being very durable. ESP plastic is non-translucent and the most popular plastic among professional players.

ESP FLX is used on a limited number of discs. It is as durable as ESP plastic but much more flexible. This type of plastic is extremely useful in cold weather conditions.

Z Line plastic is known for its durability. The plastic is semi-translucent, very stiff, and very resistant to wear. This plastic is slightly more overstable than the ESP Plastic.

X Line is very grippy but is more prone to wear.

D Line plastic is the cheapest type of plastic and is also the least durable. However, Pro-D plastic provides an extremely great grip.

Destroyer Plastic

Champion Plastic is more stable than most plastic blends. Basically, it’s pretty beefy.

In Blizzard plastic micro bubbles make this super lightweight and even good for kids. Not ideal in the wind.

G-star plastic has a flexible feel, the “G” stands for gummy.

Echo star plastic is known for being slightly more flippy.

Pro plastic beats in faster and tends to be more understandable.

Metal flake plastic throws like champion plastic but retains flight pattern longer than champ mold.

Star plastic tends to be skippy and stable.

DX plastic is beginner-friendly. More understable and beats in quickly. Most affordable plastic Innova offers.

Halo Star plastic is the most overstable plastic in the Innova plastic lineup. You can see a Halo Star Destroyer here (seen below), and make sure to check out our in-depth Innova plastics review.

Innova Halo Star Destroyer


Is the Zeus stable?

No. The Zeus is a max distance overstable distance driver.

What is Discraft’s Destroyer?

Discraft’s version of the Destroyer would be the Zeus. They are the same speed disc and are similar in flight and feel. The destroyer is somewhat thinner making it great to grip.

Is the Discraft Nuke understable?

No. The Nuke is an overstable maximum distance driver.

Is the Discraft’s Zeus overstable?

Yes. The Zeus is an overstable driver comparable to the Innova Destroyer.

Is the Nuke a good forehand disc?

Yes. The Nuke can be good for forehand throws with the right amount of power, and if you are not me.

In summary

All three of these wide rim discs have the beef. Especially depending on what plastic you get. Base plastic will beat in quicker, losing stability as it does, and may be a better choice for beginner players.

Discraft’s Nuke and Zeus are overstable maximum distance driver suited well for faster arms. These both have very predictable and consistent flights. And will hold up in super windy conditions.

Most players will pretty quickly realize the need for a trusted stable to overstable driver. These discs pretty much cover from beginner/intermediate to the more advanced player. With the Nuke being popular for forehand throws. Being from the midwest with all its windy glory, the Nuke is definitely a disc name you hear a lot.

The Innova Destroyer is probably the most beginner-friendly option of the three. Still highly trusted among disc golfers on more advanced levels. With the Zeus being a very similar disc choice.

Overall, these are great overstable options, especially in the wind. I am totally bagging the destroyer because I don't have quite what it takes to get the full flight out of the Nuke.

The absolute best way to know is to throw. Even when plastic can be described in detail, the best way to find out what works best for your game is to hit the course.

Make sure to check out all of our overstable distance drivers!

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