Everything You Need To Know About Innova Disc Plastics

by Mandy Lee

Innova Disc Golf Plastics

Overwhelmed with all the plastic types out there? You're not alone. If you're curious as to which Innova plastic suits you best, you're in the right place.

Even if you've been playing for a while, you probably already get the concept of weight classes, molds, etc, and how that factors into a disc's flight. But plastic also plays a role. We've put together a handy guide for you below, so let's get to it.

Innova Disc Plastics

Star Line

Innova Star Plastic

Star line plastic is a high-performance plastic blend that's been reported to be less stable than Champion plastic discs of the same mold. Disc golf players love its extreme durability and superior grip, with a similar feel to Pro plastic.

Star plastic is a great choice for those who like the durability of Champion but want more grippiness. Discs that are made with Star will have similar flight characteristics to Champion and will last just as long.

Popular Discs: Mako3, Wraith, Invictus

Halo Star

Innova Star Halo Plastic

Innova's Halo plastic discs are made from premium Star plastic and feature a gorgeous colored "halo" edge that blends into the center plate of the disc. Halo tends to be a little bit more firm than the standard Star and is quite a bit more overstable.

Not just popular for its attractive look, Halo plastic is also a favorite of many because of its durability and great grip in wet conditions.

Popular Discs: Halo Destroyer, Halo Teebird3, Halo Wraith, Halo TL3

Shimmer Star

Innova Shimmer Star Plastic

Shimmer Star is the same great Star plastic that has a pearly additive that gives the discs a different shine. This blend is a mix of Star and G line plastic. Some have reported that Shimmer Star can feel a bit slicker than regular Star plastic.

Popular Discs: Teebird, Destroyer, Mystere

Swirly Star

Innova Swirly Star Plastic

This plastic blend is generally considered pretty overstable and less glidey. It's a firm blend, and some runs are slicker to the touch than others. Swirl (or Swirly) Star is a groovy blend of colors that is primarily reserved for disc golf tournament fundraising.

Popular Discs: Tern, Leopard3, Eagle

Splatter Star

Some say Splatter Star seems more overstable than standard Star line plastic (again, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Innova runs because they do tend to vary.) This unique blend notably features small colorful platters injected into the plastic and is typically only available for Tour Fundraiser discs.

Popular Discs: Destroyer, Thunderbird, TL3


StarLite has the same features as Star plastic, but with Blizzard technology- injecting tons of microbubbles. The end result is the same high-quality Star plastic that is available in lighter weight classes, making it great for beginners who are looking to access a high speed driver. They aren't in frequent production, so it may take a bit of hunting to find one.

Popular Discs: Boss, Valkyrie, Sidewinder

Echo Star

While this eco-friendly blend was created from 50% reprocessed plastic, there's no sacrifice when it comes to performance. Echo Star plastic has the same durability and remarkable grip as Star, though it can be a bit less stable and will break in slightly faster.

Echo Star discs are way less common than they used to be and may also be difficult to find. Disc golf forums are a great place to start your search if you want an Echo Star disc!

Popular Discs: Teebird, Destroyer, Leopard


This beginner-friendly plastic is hugely popular with players who live in colder climates. It's decently soft to the touch, but be warned: it can get sticky if you leave it in the sun or tend to play in very hot weather.

GStar is opaque like Star but has a shiny, pearly sheen. People love this plastic because of how comfortable it feels in the hand, especially for backhand shots. GStar plastics are a good choice for players who are looking to throw a higher speed disc as they are pretty understable by nature and therefore more forgiving. Its flexibility means it'll beat in nicely, as well.

Popular Discs: Katana, Wraith, Mako3

Champion Line

Innova Champion Plastic

One of the most popular plastics from Innova, this premium blend beats in the slowest because of its rugged durability. This blend tends to be overstable, heavier, and firm to the touch. Champion discs are also resistant to heat fluctuations, so you can expect them to maintain their shape all year long.

Champion line discs are translucent, clear, and designed by and for the pros. The preference for Champion plastic is typically for distance driver shots because if you do end up hitting a tree on the disc golf course, you won't end up with a taco.

You can read our in depth comparison of Star vs Champion Plastic here.

Popular Discs: Firebird, Shryke, Teebird3

Glow Champion

Innova Champion Glow Plastic

Glow Plastic in Champion is the same great high-quality plastic that the pros count on for performance. It still has the same great durability and translucent look, but with the addition of phosphorized yellow-greenish plastic for nighttime play. A Glow Champion disc might have a slightly slicker feel in the hand, too.

Popular Discs: Mako3, Firebird, Teebird3

Luster Champion

Innova Luster Champion Plastic

This is a new variant of normal Champion plastic that contains a large volume of opaque, pearly luster additives. Overall, the sturdy plastic feels firm, tends to make discs overstable, and has the same great durability as Champion line plastic. Pretty!

Popular Discs: Invader, Destroyer, Roc3

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Metal Flake

Innova Metal Flake Plastic

Popular not only for its attractive sparkles, the Metal Flake line is also made from a base of durable Champion plastic. Metal Flake will add even more durability to the discs and will keep the disc's original flight characteristics for a long time.

Fans of Metal Flake plastic love two things: its grippy and gummy feel, as well as debating about what exactly the metal flakes are made of. Is it just glittery mylar pieces? Or is it actual shaved metal bits? Stay tuned.

Popular Discs: Thunderbird, Teebird3, Roc3


Innova's Blizzard blend is the perfect marriage between air and plastic. These lighter-weight discs are made by injecting microbubbles into the rim, which reduces weight while maintaining durability.

Blizzard plastic is a great choice for many disc golfers for several reasons. Those with weaker arms who may struggle with heavier discs now have a chance to get more distance. Pros also use lighter discs for extra distance, so don't feel too bad!

Do keep in mind that lighter discs tend to be a bit more understable and more susceptible to windy gusts. Blizzard discs are great to use in calm conditions, tailwinds, or if you know you're going to be playing near water hazards- discs under 135 grams will float!

Popular Discs: Destroyer, Wraith, Boss


Chalky firmness with good grip, this tough plastic blend is a great choice if you're looking for more durability. It feels similar to R-Pro or KC Pro, with stiffness somewhere in between the two. It was originally developed for the Nova and Atlas, with the XT moniker representing "Xtra Tough" or "Extra Traction" (or so they say!)

The grip of XT plastic can be relied on regardless of weather conditions, heat, or cold. Price-wise, it's still affordable; a little more expensive than DX but not as much as Champion or Star.

Popular Discs: Aviar, Whale, Mako3

Driver Pro

This versatile and unique plastic has an improved grip and sits at a more affordable price point than Star or Champion plastic. Driver Pro plastic is more durable than DX or R-Pro, which means it will hold its flight characteristics for longer.

Pro plastic will also afford discs more glide, which makes it a smart choice for any disc golf player looking for extra distance.

Popular Discs: Boss, Teebird, Destroyer

KC Pro

Designed in a collaboration with all-time great Ken Climo, this plastic is popular with putters and midranges. Because of its stiff and firm nature, it's not going to bend or wobble which provides a consistent release.

It feels like stiffer DX, and can beat in relatively quickly which may afford players some extra glide towards the chains. Some have said that KC Pro plastic is not great in the cold weather and can break if it encounters a tree... so take caution.

Popular Discs: Aviar, Aviar3, Roc


Innova R-Pro Plastic

They say the "R" in R-Pro stands for 'rubber', but it doesn't mean the discs will be entirely rubbery. R-Pro plastic drivers are produced with a stiffer blend, whereas midranges and putters are crafted with more flexibility.

Regardless, R-Pro discs feel soft and comfortable in the hand and will have a superior grip in any weather condition as well as great flexibility. R-Pro plastic is more durable than DX and will beat in more slowly.

Popular Discs: Rhyno, Animal, Dart

JK Pro

Developed before R-Pro, JK Pro plastic was created for 5-time World Champion, Juliana Korver.

It's a soft and grippy blend, and many people have fallen in love with its flexibility and the way it feels. It's more durable than DX plastic and is still considered an affordable blend.

Bonus: Here's Juliana talking to OTB discs about her off-season injury and what she hopes for in 2022.

Popular Discs: Aviar-X

Yeti Pro

The Yeti Pro was developed as a grippy and firm blend of Pro line plastic, falling in between DX and R-Pro in both of those categories. It's a great choice for all weather conditions, with a nice, soft tacky feel even when damp and cold.

Popular Discs: Aviar

DX Line

The most economically friendly plastic blend, DX is available in a huge range of molds and weights. DX features a soft center plate with a rigid edge. It will give you a decent grip; some like it especially for putters. It's not a super durable plastic, but because of its price point, it's great for beginners because it's easily replaceable!

Players of all abilities love the DX blend because it allows you to have to carve out different lines based on how seasoned the disc is. This understable blend will give you more turn as it beats in, making it a good choice for rollers.

Popular Discs: Shark, Valkyrie, Banshee, Roc

Glow DX

Innova Glow DX plastic has the same features of baseline DX but is slightly grippier. Glow DX will hold its charge for a bit and can be recharged with a variety of light sources.

Popular Discs: TL, Roc, Aviar


Innova Nexus Plastic

This plastic originally debuted for Nate Sexton's Tour Series Putter. It's a firm plastic that has a nice tacky feel, is more rigid than XT plastic, and is slightly more durable than DX plastic. Even in hot weather it still retains good grip- check out Nate Sexton talking about the Firefly putter here.

This blend of plastic does cost more because it is super versatile and lasts longer than the other baseline plastics. It's a good choice for people who prefer stiff putters with excellent grip.

Popular Discs: Firefly, Animal, Aviar


Innova Disc Golf Plastics Review

What is the most stable Innova Plastic?

The most stable Innova plastic is Champion plastic.

What Innova Plastics Do The Pros Use?

Most pro players use Star, Champion, KC Pro, and DX, depending on the disc.

What Is The Most Durable Innova Plastic?

The most durable Innova plastic is Star Line plastic, although some prefer Champion.

What Is Innova Glow Plastic?

Innova Glow plastic comes in DX and Champion blends and is made from phosphorized additives. Glow plastic requires being lit up and charged first by an external light source, such as a UV light or flashlight.

What Innova Plastic Flies The Farthest?

The Innova plastic that flies the farthest is Blizzard Champion plastic, which currently holds a world record flight. Many people enjoy the gratuitous glide that DX plastic can give them, too.

Hopefully, this guide helped to clarify all of the great variations of Innova plastics to better inform your purchasing choices. There's something out there for everyone!

If you're just recreationally playing disc golf, being informed about Innova plastic will ultimately help improve your game. Nobody wants to be frustrated by playing with discs that don't feel good or fly the way you wanted.

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