Innova Eagle vs Teebird

by Mandy Lee

An Innova Teebird and Eagle On a White Background

When it comes to disc golf fairway drivers, you can't get more classic than the Innova Eagle and Teebird. Both of them offer great consistency, reliability, and are extremely popular among both pros and recreational players.

We'll never pit the Teebird vs Eagle in a death match against each other, because there's too much to love. Let's discuss the details of the Innova Eagle vs Teebird and see which one might find a home in your bag (or maybe both!)

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The Bottom Line:

  • The Eagle is Innova's original high-speed fairway driver that is known for its versatility, reliability, and predictable left fade.
  • The Teebird is an overstable fairway driver that is popular for its gratuitous distance and "point and shoot" accuracy.


Innova Eagle: 21.2 cm diameter, 1.6 cm height, 1.7 cm rim width.

Innova Teebird: 21.2 cm diameter, 1.6 cm height, 1.2 cm rim width.

Two Innova disc rims next to each other

Flight Numbers

Innova Eagle's flight numbers are 7 | 4 | -1 | 3 , and the Innova Teebird comes in at 7 | 5 | 0 | 2.

If we're comparing these discs strictly based on their flight numbers, you can safely assume the Eagle will give you a harder left fade. Both have relatively straight flights and because they're both clocked at a comfortable 7 speed, you can trust them to get you where you want to go.

If you're a visual learner like I am, here are both disc's flight paths courtesy of

Innova Eagle and Teebird Flight Path Comparison


Want to learn more about all of Innova's plastic blends? Check out our nifty guide here: Everything You Need to Know About Innova Disc Plastics.

Innova Teebird Plastics

The Teebird is available in Star/Swirl/Splatter (150-175g), G Star (165-175g), StarLite (130-159g), EchoStar (173-175g), Champion (150-175g), Glow (165-175g) and DX (150-175g).

Here's a quick overview of the Teebird in 5 different plastics from IceBerg TV: 

Innova Eagle Plastics

Currently, the Innova Eagle is available in Star, Champion, and DX plastic in the range of 150-175g.

As a general rule, if you're curious about stability: the widely accepted stability progression for Innova plastics is: Champion > Star > GStar > Pro > DX.

That being said, it's worth mentioning that discs can vary by runs, and the best way to figure out what you're going to get is to feel the discs. If you like gorgeous colored plastic, check out the Gregg Barsby Swirly Star Eagle.

A Swirly Star Innova Eagle

Eagle vs Teebird: Differences

Flight Path Versatility

The Innova Eagle will give you long, controlled hyzer lines and more versatility in general. An Eagle will also be easier to turn at the beginning of its flight than the Teebird, and will give you more of a harder fade at the end, making it slightly more overstable.

If you're a big fan of all things Eagle, here's a video of the uber-personable Gregg Barsby waxing poetic about his love for Eagles and throwing a few of his favorite molds:

The Teebird will serve you better if you're looking facing a laser straight shot with a slight fade at the end. You can use the Teebird more for pinpoint accuracy, and great glide both upwind and downwind.

Between these two discs, you have the ability to cover a variety of shot types out on the course.


Curious which of these two discs will go the distance? It is definitely subjective and does depend on the thrower's ability and skill level, but if you're asking us, the Teebird will most likely fly farther than the Eagle when thrown RHBH, flat, and on a day with calm conditions.

Differences in the Innova Teebird and Eagle

Some will tell you these discs are basically interchangeable, but we disagree. Sure, they're similar discs if you look at a couple things: the speed rating, and how popular they are. But depending on the plastic, the run, and the weight of these two discs, there are a lot of different flights that can be expressed.

Which One For You?

Innova Eagle

Newer players who are solidifying their form and exploring Fairway Drivers will appreciate the gratuitous distance that the Eagle provides as well as its reliability in variable wind conditions.

The Eagle is also a great disc for forehand dominant players, who will find the disc potentially more comfortable in the hand due to its flatter top.

If you're facing a shot on the course that has a sharp corner, you'll want to count on the Eagle to give you that hard fade.

Innova Teebird

Players who primarily utilize the power grip would take to the Teebird like a fish to water. People love the feel of the Teebird's thinner rim, too.

A Pink Innova Star Teebird On A White Background

Throwers with bigger arm speed would also benefit from bagging a Teebird because it can handle some force without you worrying that it's going to turn over. 

The Teebird is a super popular choice for those straight tunnel shots where you might need just a little more distance to get to the basket.


Is the Innova Eagle Understable?

No, the Innova Eagle is not an understable disc, it is a stable to overstable disc.

Are the Eagle and Teebird interchangeable?

Not exactly- the Eagle will have less glide, more turn and fade than the Teebird.

Which Innova pros bag the Eagle?

Calvin Heimburg and Gregg Barsby are two pros that famously love their Eagles.

Who popularized the Teebird?

Hall of Famer Ken Climo is the most notable professional who popularized the Teebird, and it has remained one of the most popular disc since.

In Summary

If you're looking for a new disc that will give you a similar feel to the Teebird but has a bit more range for different shots, give the Innova Eagle a try. Both discs are very approachable for a wide range of players and their abilities.

Ultimately, whichever disc feels best to you will be the one you reach for most often. Many players bag both, and we wouldn't judge you if you did too. You can check both of them out along with more Innova discs here.

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