Innova Teebird Vs Teebird3 Disc Review

by Mandy Lee

Teebird vs Teebird3

Disc golf giant Innova really "broke the mold" back in 1999 with the creation of the Teebird. Its unparalleled consistency and dependability are so good and still have mass appeal, that to this day, you'll find this disc in players' bags, from beginners to professionals.

But true to their name, Innova is no stranger to innovation, and the "Old Faithful" Teebird got a new cousin in the form of the Teebird3, which officially became PDGA approved in 2017.

So what's the difference between Innovas Teebird vs Teebird3?

The Bottom Line:

  • The Teebird is a popular, highly accurate "point and shoot" overstable fairway driver that is known for its versatility, long flight capability, and controlled distance.
  • The Teebird3 is basically a faster Teebird and will give you more distance (if you have the form), but has less glide while maintaining the same turn and flight ratings.

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Innova Teebird vs Teebird3: Dimensions

Teebird and Teebird3 Dimensions

The Teebird comes in at 21.2 cm in diameter, 1.6 cm height, 1.2 cm rim width, and 1.8 cm rim depth.

The Teebird3 has a noticeably flatter top and wider rim, with dimensions of 21.2 cm in diameter, 1.5 cm height, 1.7 cm rim width, and 1.1 cm rim depth.

Overall Differences

Taking a glance at the flight numbers, we have the Innova Teebird sitting pretty at 7 | 5 | 0 | 2 and the Teebird3 with 8 | 4 | 0 | 2.

It's safe to say: the faster flight rating on the Teebird3 requires a little more finesse and power to take full advantage of the 8 speed. Less glide means potentially more accurate flights.

While both the Teebird and the Teebird3 are great fliers, the Teebird will have more of a straighter flight with stronger forward glide. Beginners love the original Teebird because it gives you more distance for less effort, making it easier to handle. (We love a 7 speed!)

Windy Conditions

In windy situations, the Teebird will be more affected by a headwind. If you have a poor form or just a crappy release (it happens to the best of us), the disc is likely to turn over.

The Teebird3 has a flatter profile due to its flat flight plate and a modified nose and wing. This profile is better for wind and the nose is more torque resistant than the Teebird. Having less glide means this disc may provide you with more accuracy in windy conditions.

Shot Types

The Teebird is a good choice for those stable, straight shots when you need a reliable fade at the end, and is great when thrown on an anhyzer line without turning and burning. If you're facing a narrow wooded alley, the Teebird won't let you down.

Here's Philo waxing poetic about his love for Teebirds:

Along with straight flights, the Teebird3 is also good for s-curves, hyzers, and long flex shots. Bigger arms will see farther distances with the Teebird3, and they're pretty popular with forehand players for accurate shot shaping.

You just might find that the Teebird3 will end up kicking a couple of other discs out of your bag!

Overall Similarities

Innova Teebird 3 and Teebird Comparison

The Teebird (in all of its forms) is generally regarded as beginner-friendly, and even though we don't recommend newbies to start with fairway drivers (or overstable discs, for that matter) too early on, the Teebird won't punish you. It's considered the gold standard for fairway drivers.

Take a look at their flight comparison from Inbounds. As you can see, the Teebird3 will give you just a touch more low-speed fade, but both have that gorgeous straight flight path for a majority of their time in the air.

Out of the box, both have a tendency to be very overstable and dead straight. They'll greatly benefit by at least a week of playing before you start to really see them settle into their true flight pattern.

Both are great for forehand and backhand throwing, and both are highly consistent and can give you confidence! Either way, both of these have the potential to be your next bread and butter workhorse.

Plastic Types

Innova Teebird Plastics

Innova Teebird

The original Teebird is available in a huge variety of plastics; there's literally something for everyone.

Star (150-175g): This top-of-the-line, high-performing plastic blend has the durability of the popular Champion plastic but also has the great all-weather grip of the Pro plastic. Star will give you the same flight characteristics as Champion but will be slightly less firm to the touch. 

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StarLite (130-159g): With the same benefits as Star plastic, StarLite has microbubbles embedded through Innova's Blizzard technology. You'll get a super lightweight, high-speed driver.

GStar (165-175g): GStar has superior durability and offers a more flexible feel than the other premium plastics. At cold temperatures, you'll find GStar to be very popular as the plastic will retain its qualities! The appearance of GStar is opaque (like Star) but has a slight pearlescent coating.

EchoStar (173-175g): The EchoStar blend was born out of a desire to eliminate waste from the environment and uses 50% reprocessed plastic in its creation. EchoStar discs will have long-lasting durability and a great grippy feel.

Champion (150-175g): A high-quality, firm plastic blend that gives outstanding performance and durability, Champion is distinguished by its translucent and pearly appearance. Champion plastic typically lends more stability to the disc.

Metal Flake (165-175g): Metal Flake is Champion plastic with the addition of sparkling, eye-catching flakes.

Glow (165-175g): Glow discs are necessary for nighttime play. Made from phosphorized plastic. Be sure to bring a light source when you're out there!

DX (150-175g): Innova's most economically-friendly plastic blend comes with the widest selection of models and weights. DX plastic beats in well, and many pros carry discs in DX at various stages of seasoning to shape tricky shots out on the courses.

Innova Teebird3 Plastics

Innova Teebird3 Review

The Teebird3 is currently available in Star, GStar, Champion, Halo Star, Metal Flake, and DX plastic.

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Q: How do I choose a fairway driver?

A: Fairway drivers have a flatter profile than putters and midranges and will have speed ratings that range from 6-10; choosing one is ultimately up to what feels good to you.

Q: What's the difference between a "fairway" and a "control" driver?

A: "Control" is just another way to describe "fairway." They're interchangeable terms, both used to describe a disc that allows you to maintain control while going for some decent distance.

Q: When should I use a fairway driver?

A: When you've got distance that's too far for a midrange but not far enough that it necessitates a distance driver, a fairway driver will be your best friend. Check out this handy article on more instances when you might choose a fairway driver.

Q: What are other discs that are similar to the Innova Teebird?

A: Mint Discs Alpha, DGA Pipeline, and Salient Discs Vein are like the Innova Teebird.

Q: Who are some professionals that throw the Innova Teebird3?

A: Ken Climo, Ricky Wysocki, Calvin Heimburg, and Paul McBeth.

Ultimately, you can't go wrong with bagging either the Teebird or the Teebird3. (Looking for more? Check out our Innova collection here.)

The upside of bagging a Teebird or Teebird3: your form will improve, you'll build confidence (as long as you keep practicing), and you'll get some solid distance with the unrelenting consistency that these discs are famous for.

Downside: Both of these discs might make you think you're better than you actually are.

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