Innova Champion Vs Star Plastic: Which Is Better?

by Denis Flaschner, Professional | PDGA #49081

Innova Champion Vs Star Plastic

Innova Champion vs Star plastic: which one is best, and what's the difference?

In this in-depth plastic guide we will review both of Innova's most popular plastics show you the pros and cons to each.

The bottom line:

  • Innova Champion plastic is cheaper and more stable
  • Innova Star plastic has better grip with slightly less durability
  • Both are excellent quality premium grade plastics

Innova Champion Plastic

Innova’s Champion plastic is a translucent plastic that is much harder and more overstable than most of Innova's other plastics. This premium grade plastic is extremely durable and popular among professional players due to its consistency.

An Innova Champion Plastic Disc That is Translucent


Champion plastic is extremely durable. Champion plastic is one of the most durable plastics on the market and can withstand a ton of damage. 

This helps the the disc stay true to its flight numbers longer than most other plastics. As discs wear in they start to become less stable, and this plastic will preserve stability longer than other plastics. 

So if you like the way the disc flies when it is brand new; Champion plastic is for you.

The disc will be consistent. Similar to the last pointChampion plastic does not get dings easily. I have thrown my Champion discs very hard into trees and they still fly exactly the same afterwards.

So feel free to huck your Champion disc at as many trees as you want.

Champion plastic isn’t too expensive. Champion plastic is less expensive than Star plastic and other premium plastics on the market. If you take into account how durable the discs are and how long they last, buying Champion discs can be one of the cheapest and most economical ways to enjoy disc golf.


Champion plastic can be slippery. Champion plastic can get pretty slippery, especially when wet. If you do not have a well developed grip, Champion plastic can become inconsistent. If you are playing in wet weather or with dew on the grass it may be a better choice to use a plastic with better grip.

Break in period. Some players like to have their discs be less stable than when they are brand new. If you like to use worn in discs it will take quite a while to get to that point with Champion plastics. Star plastic will have a shorter break in period than Champion.

Should You Use Champion Plastic?

Innova Champion Plastic Disc Golf Disc

Champion plastic is a good choice for you if you have good grip and want your discs to last as long as possible, or if you are trying to save money. If you are new to disc golf Champion plastic may be difficult to grip when wet, and it may be too stable for you.

Innova Star Plastic

Innova's Star plastic is more flexible and almost as durable as Champion plastic, while offering exceptional grip as well. It is probably the most popular plastic among professional players, especially for distance driver discs.


Star plastic has great grip. Star plastic is one of the best plastics on the market for grip. It is softer than champion and can still maintain its grip in all weather conditions: rain or shine. If you find your disc is often slipping out of your hands when you throw then Star plastic may be right for you.

Star plastic is also durable. Similar to Champion; Star plastic is also extremely durable and can withstand damage incredibly well.

Star plastic is flexible. Star plastic is a flexible plastic that is much less rigid than other premium plastics (like Champion). This plastic will feel more comfortable and natural for an amateur player to throw than an overstable plastic.

An Innova Star Plastic Aviar Disc Golf Disc


Star plastic is more expensive. Star plastic is usually more expensive than Champion plastic and can wear down faster, which means it will cost more over the lifetime of the disc.

Consistency. Because Star plastic breaks in faster than Champion, it will become more understable as well. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on if you like the flight path of a brand new disc or a broken in disc.

Many professionals have several of the same disc with different degrees of wear which they use based on the flight path needed.

Should You Use Star Plastic?

Star plastic is ideal for someone who plays in a climate with lots of rain and snow, or enjoys the feeling of a softer and more flexible plastic.

It is also a good option for players who struggle with grip and the disc slipping out of their hands when throwing.

Innova Champion Vs Star Plastic

The only way to truly know which plastic is right for you is to try them out on the course.

Ask a friend, or find a way to try out both plastics for a round before making the decision to purchase. You may read this post and think that one plastic is right for you, but trying them will help you to know for sure. 

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