Discmania Link vs P2: Which Putter is Best?

by Mandy Lee

Discmania Link vs P2 Putter Review

If you are looking for a new stable putter that will perform well in any conditions; look no further than the Discmania P2 and Discmania Link. We reviewed both of these putters to help you decide between the Discmania Link vs P2. Let's get into it.

The Bottom Line:

  • The Discmania Link features great grip thanks to a big bead (but not too big) and has less glide compared to the P2. It has more reliable fade and is geared towards beginners looking to park approach shots.
  • The Discmania P2 is more popular among professional players, and is available in a wider array of plastics. This disc has no bead and a bit more glide with a gentle fade at the end making it an excellent throwing putter.

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Discmania Link vs P2: Dimensions

While these discs may feature the same flight numbers, they definitely won't feel the same in your hand. Let's look at their dimensions.


  • Diameter: 21.2 cm
  • Height: 2.0 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.5 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.1 cm
  • Max Weight: 176 grams


  • Diameter: 21.2 cm
  • Height: 2.1 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.5 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.0 cm
  • Max Weight: 178 grams

The main difference to note between the two is the rim width. The Link has a slightly wider rim which is partially why it feels so great in the hand.

Discmania P2 and Link Rim Width

The other reason the Link feels great is its large bead, which is the most noticeable difference between these two putters.

Even if you don't generally throw beaded putters, don't fret. The intention was to have the Link feel comfortable in any hand, so the bead isn't too pronounced. More info in our putter bead guide.


Differenced Between Discmania P2 and Link Putters

While both the Link and the P2 have a glide rating of 3, the Link is intended to sit down quickly and will have less skip. This makes the Link an excellent putter for beginner players.

Beaded putters are also expected to hold a straight flight or anhyzer line longer than non-beaded putters. So the Link may allow you to be flexible and shape some tricky control shots with a bit of finesse.

On the other hand, the P2 does exactly what it was designed to do very well. Throw it with a flat release, and it will fly straight. Forever. That's what you're searching for anyways, right?

In all seriousness, the P2 has more glide during its flight despite the identical flight ratings as the Link.

It was designed for straight flight even in a stiff head wind with gentle fade at the end so you can throw it straight at the basket.

Just watch this clip of Simon Lizotte throwing a P2 492 feet over the water to see how straight this putter can fly.


The most important part of putting is feeling comfortable with your putter.

The Link was designed to feel comfortable among every hand type and has a clean release every time you throw it, which will make you more consistent.

Also, because the Link has a bead and a relatively flat flight plate, it may help find a more consistent feel when gripping before a putt. If your putts are nervy and make your hands sweat like you're on a first date, try the Link in exo hard plastic.

More confident players with a developed putting style may opt for the P2 instead.

Sometimes having stable discs to jam straight into the basket is nice, especially when its windy. Eagle McMahon is notorious for speedy spin putts with a P2 and can make an 80 ft putt look like a tap-in.


Both the Link and P2 come in a variety of plastics to ensure you feel comfortable putting or throwing in any condition.

Link Plastics

Discmania Link

The Discmania Link is available in Exo Soft, Exo Hard, and Exo Hard Vapor plastics. Make sure you have room in your bag for one hard and one soft as each will come in clutch in difference situations.

The Exo Soft Link is a brilliant choice for this disc because its intended goal is to prevent the disc from skipping past the target. A soft plastic will sit down a bit quicker should you throw a low line short the basket.

Exo Hard Links will be better for players that need a stiff disc with firm grip and aren't worried about missing putts low or high. The Exo Hard Vapor will be the most durable of the three choices making it a wise choice for a throwing putter off the tee or in dense wooded territory.

P2 Plastics

The P2 is offered in D Line, P Line, and the top tier S Line plastics. The main difference between them is price and durability. This putter also comes with a unique texture-enhancing grip.

Discmania P2

Most often, the P2 is available in the economical D-Line plastic. This is a good choice if you prefer loading up on a bunch of the same disc for putting practice or because you lose one every round. This plastic will beat in quickly so it may be a poor plastic for throwing, specifically into trees.

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Discmania's P-Line plastic is highly recommended as it provides the best value, balancing price and durability quite well. This plastic is noted for having a similar feel to a JK Aviar, one of the best selling putters of all time.

Discmania also claims it gets better as it beats in, so keep it in your bag for as long as possible!

S-Line plastic is the most expensive, but also most durable. If you play a lot of short, densely wooded holes with very precise lines this plastic is worth the investment.


Does the Discmania P2 have a bead?

No, the P2 is a beadless putter. If you prefer a bead to find a comfortable and consistent feel, look at the Link instead.

Is the P2 a good putter?

Yes, the P2 is a good putter for drives and putting. It will hold a straight line with long glide and gentle fade and is great for stiff wind. The D line flex 2 is one of Discmania's best sellers, while the P line is noted for similar feel to a JK Aviar.

What pros use the P2?

Some pros making use of the P2 include Eagle McMahon, Simon Lizotte, and Kyle Klein. Perhaps that is why they are some of the most consistent players in the game from putting range.

Is the Link a good putter?

Yes, the Link is a good putter. Its design is meant to feel comfortable in any hand which is the most important quality of any putter. Links are available in soft and hard exo plastic so you can find one that feels right. Its low glide makes it great for parking approach shots.

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