Innova Wraith vs Destroyer: Overstable Driver Review

by Mandy Lee

Innova Wraith Vs Destroyer

When it comes to Innova's most popular and best overstable distance drivers, you'll frequently see the Destroyer and Wraith topping the disc golf review lists.

With nearly identical flight ratings (the only difference being speed), is there more of a difference between these two distance drivers?

Let's discuss the nitty-gritty details of comparing the Innova Wraith vs Destroyer.

The Bottom Line

  • The Wraith is a controllable distance driver with more appeal to intermediate players with its ability to achieve great distance and accuracy for less power.
  • The Destroyer is a best-selling high-speed distance driver that is has a faster flight rating than the Wraith as well as a thicker rim width.

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Innova Wraith Vs Destroyer: Dimensions

When it comes to comparing the dimensions of these two different discs, there's a slight physical detail that separates the two. Here's the official rundown:

Destroyer: 21.1cm diameter, 1.4cm height, 2.2cm rim width, 1.2cm rim depth.

Wraith: 21.1cm diameter, 1.4cm height, 2.1cm rim width, 1.2cm rim depth.

As you can see, the only difference here is the .1cm rim width. That being said, a millimeter makes a world of difference. The Wraith may be more comfortable in the hand for many disc golf players due to its smaller rim size.

Innova Wraith and Destroyer Rim Dimensions

This can make or break a purchase. In terms of comfort and confidence, who likes to throw discs that don't just feel good in the hand? Nobody.

Overall Differences

When comparing the flight numbers, we have the Destroyer at 12 | 5 | -1 | 3 and the Wraith at 11 | 5 | -1 | 3.

Most obviously, the speed ratings: the Destroyer is faster than a Wraith overall.

Therefore it will require more power to throw or else it will hyzer out. This high-speed driver is better suited for advanced players with stronger arms because of its big distance potential.

Depending on the plastic type, (for instance, Champion Destroyers can be pretty beefy), a lighter weight Wraith may be a good choice for an intermediate player who is graduating from fairway drivers to distance drivers.

Windy Conditions

Weather (and especially wind) has a major effect on how a disc flies. Rainy, cold, wet, or any combination of the three conditions can affect the disc's plastic and more importantly, how a disc feels in your hand.

In a perfect world, we would have sunny blue skies and perfect tailwinds to keep our discs flying for ages, but when there isn't - these drivers come in handy.

Differences Between an Innova Wraith vs a Destroyer

In general, an overstable disc is the best choice for fighting headwinds. While both the Innova Destroyer and Innova Wraith will serve you well in windy conditions, their differences can be applied strategically if you find yourself facing a tricky shot on a blustery day.

If you aren't sure about stability check out our understable vs overstable disc guide.

The Destroyer is better in headwinds and has better penetrating power. When you don't want the disc to turn too much, you can count on the Destroyer.

The Wraith may be better in tailwinds and can fly extremely far in those weather conditions. The Wraith also has more potential for a controlled, accurate shot.

Shot Types

The Wraith can also give you more variety in shot types because it's easier to get the disc to turn. Shots like hyzer flips and s-shots are possible (hinging upon your ability) and you just might be able to do more with the Wraith than the Destroyer.

On average, most players will get more distance and a fuller flight out of the Wraith than the Destroyer. But for those who love Destroyers, they'll swear by 'em. (Bonus: for all you Destroyer nuts, here's a cool rundown on the history of the disc.)

Overall Similarities

With identical glide, turn, and fade ratings, you can expect these two distance drivers to behave similarly. At first glance, they also have the same overall thinness in body and slight pop top.

Innova Wraith and Destroyer Pop Top Dome Comparison

They will both perform wonderfully when thrown properly, achieving high speeds and exhibiting a reliable left fade near the end of their flight path. The Wraith has been called by many as a "small arm's Destroyer," so the similarities are clearly there.

Both will give players great distance (given that you can consistently hit the 300+ range) and are good choices for those wide-open shots where precision and accuracy are not of the utmost importance.

Both are good for backhand and forehand throws, (depending on the individual players' abilities). That being said, neither of these discs are super beginner-friendly. 

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Both are also a good choice for variable wind conditions out on the disc golf course, as we mentioned earlier.

Like other Innova drivers, both the Wraith and Destroyer are subject to some stability variability (say that three times fast...) depending on runs.

Plastic Types

It's not an exact science, but the choice of plastic and weight will affect the disc's overall stability and flight pattern. For instance, when it comes to Innova discs, Champion plastic usually tends to give more overstable flights than the Star.

A good starting point for exploring overstable distance drivers is to try a plastic that feels good to your hand in a weight class you can handle. So if you're starting out, consider going lighter and save yourself the frustration of having a sexy disc you can't work with.

Destroyer Plastics

An Innova Destroyer Driver In Halo Star Plastic

The Innova Destroyer is available in:

Star (168-175g): Innova's second hardest plastic is opaque and has the same durability as the Champion blend, but with improved grip.

GStar (165-175g): This is a blend of Star plastic that has added flexibility and even more grippiness. GStar also has an attractive pearlescent luster and shine. GStar is a super popular choice for cold weather play.

Echo Star (165-175g): Innova's environmentally-friendly choice of reprocessed plastic has similar durability to the high-performance premium plastics and strong all-weather grip.

Champion (170-175g): One of the most popular plastic choices, especially with professional disc golf players, the Champion blend has a translucent body that is both extremely firm and durable.

Innova Discs

Blizzard (130-159g): By incorporating microbubbles into the Champion plastic, you'll get super lightweight discs that have the same stability as heavier models. Most discs under 135 grams can even float!

Metal Flake (165-175g): Champion gets a sparkly injection of glittery flakes that lend itself to a slightly more durable and long-lasting disc.

Pro (168-175g): With more durability than DX and grip than Champion, Pro is an affordable choice for players seeking additional glide for their discs.

DX (150-175g): The most widely available plastic, DX is the most economically priced and also seasons quickly, making it a popular choice for both beginners and the pros who like having their favorite models in various stages of beat-in.

Halo Star: (161-175g): The most beefy (overstable) plastic by far. Halo Star plastic is one of the most unique looking plastics and used by most professional players. Check out our large selection of Halo plastic here.

Wraith Plastics

Innova Wraith Made With Halo Star Plastic

The Innova Wraith is currently available in Star, GStar, Echo Star, Metal Flake, Pro, DX, and Halo Star plastic just like the Destroyer, as well as:

Star Lite (130-159g): With the same benefits of Star plastic, StarLite gets the Blizzard treatment of injecting tons of micro bubbles. With drivers available in 130g, this is a great plastic option for beginners.

Glow Champion (165-175g): This plastic has a slightly different feel than Champion (depending on who you ask) and is extremely durable. Glow plastic is a great choice for nighttime play.

Glow DX (165-175g): Glow DX is soft and grippy, and some say it feels grippier than DX plastic.

Check out our in depth guide on Innova's Star vs Champion plastic

Here's a fun little review of the Wraith in Pro, Glow, and Star plastics for your viewing pleasure.


Should beginners be buying overstable distance drivers?

Distance drivers are not a great choice for beginners, although many starter kits will include them in their sets of three discs. Drivers in general will require a lot of arm speed and can tend to frustrate beginners because the discs will not perform correctly unless properly powered.

Does a higher speed rating on a disc mean I'll get more distance?

It's not guaranteed; a higher speed rating also means it is more difficult to throw. If you're looking for greater distance, start with a disc that has a slower speed rating and you may find that it's easier to throw and you'll still get good distance with results like a similar disc with a higher speed rating.

What are other similar discs to the Destroyer?

Discraft Zeus, Discmania Enigma, MVP Nitro, Prodigy D2 are all similar to the Destroyer.

What are other similar discs to the Wraith?

MVP Photon, Dynamic Discs Raider, Discraft Surge are all similar to the Wraith.

How do I know if I'm ready for a Destroyer?

There's no hard and fast rule on when to buy a Destroyer, and trust us, we aren't here to gatekeep discs. That being said, if you're consistently throwing over 300-350+ and want to try a Destroyer, then buy it in a plastic that feels good to you and go crush it! We can't tell you what the best overstable distance driver is for you. Only you can... after a lot of practice.

Key factors to consider when browsing overstable discs: your technique and level are just as important as the disc plastic type, weight, and speed rating.

Food for thought: some players may be doing themselves a disservice by picking up a Destroyer when a Wraith would serve them better.

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