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    Streamline Proton Jet 167g Teal-ish w/Holographic Stamp
    Streamline Proton Jet 166g Green w/Holographic Stamp
    Streamline Proton Jet
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    Streamline Proton Jet (Reaper Edition) 175g Teal-ish w/Transitional Stamp
    Streamline Proton Jet (Reaper Edition) 174g Berry w/Transitional Stamp
    Streamline Proton Jet (Reaper Edition)
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    Streamline Neutron Jet 174g White w/Transitional Stamp
    Streamline Neutron Jet 175g Orange-ish w/Transitional Stamp
    Streamline Neutron Jet
    Streamline Neutron Jet (Reaper Edition) 166g Blue w/Transitional Stamp
    Streamline Neutron Jet (Reaper Edition) 174g Mint-ish w/Transitional Stamp
    Streamline Neutron Jet (Reaper Edition)

    Streamline Jet Review

    The Jet is an understable high-speed distance driver that can help you soar past your current distance plateau. This easy-to-throw bomber is one of the best intermediate-level drivers in stock. We have several Jets on sale now, and the following Streamline Jet review provides a snapshot of this high-flying disc. 

    Streamline Jet Plastics

    Streamline is a brand under the MVP Disc Sports umbrella and will have the same plastic blends. 

    • Neutron: The "flagship" blend, this premium plastic is durable with just a bit of flex. Most of MVP's lineup is available in this plastic. Discs fly truest to their flight ratings in this blend. 
    • Proton: Stiff and highly durable, this blend has a translucent look and is similar to Innova Champion or Discraft Z. Discs fly a bit more overstable in Proton and will maintain original flight patterns for years.

    Streamline Jet Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 11
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -3
    • Fade: 2

    The understable Jet's combination of turn and glide makes it ideal for intermediate-level players looking to tack on an extra 30-50 feet onto their maximum distance. Its generous flip at high speeds allows for significant anhyzer drift in the mid-flight. The extended glide keeps it hanging in the air before a gentle hyzer fade takes over.

    More powerful arms will get easy hyzer-flips and massive distance, but can't count on the Jet's fade to bring it back to center after the turn. The disc requires horizontal space, a high ceiling, and calm conditions to complete a maximum distance flex shot. It is not an accurate or predictable option for players with above-average speed and snap. 


    • Diameter: 21.2cm
    • Height: 1.5cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.1cm
    • Rim Width: 2.2cm

    The Jet's shallow yet wide rim is standard amongst understable distance drivers. Despite the low 1.5cm listed height, most runs have a dome-like profile, with a minimal vertical angle to the underside of the rim. Overall, the Jet is one of the easier high-speed drivers to grip and should feel comfortable for players of all skill levels. 


    Released in 2021, the Jet is among the first discs from MVP's in-house brand Streamline. MVP and Axiom discs use an "overmold," where the rim and flight plate are two pieces of plastic fused together. The Streamline brand "streamlines" this process by using the traditional single-plastic injection mold. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    • Novice: Too fast for true beginners, but with some experience, the Jet will be a great introduction to the high-speed driver category. 
    • Intermediate: Instantly adds a few dozen feet of maximum distance to players in the 300-350 foot range. Also excellent for hyzer flips and low ceiling shots. 
    • Advanced: Understable complimentary disc for pure turnovers, rollers, and maximum distance flex lines where accuracy is less critical. 
    • Pro: Niche disc for rollers and trick shots. The Jet is not predictable enough for elite arms to rely upon.
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