Innova Mystere

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    2 products
    Innova Halo Star Mystere 170g White-ish w/Rainbow Stamp
    Innova Halo Star Mystere (Reaper Edition) 171g Pink w/Red Digital Stamp
    Innova Halo Star Mystere (Reaper Edition)
    Innova Shimmer Star Mystere (Reaper Edition) 175g Silver w/Holo Dots Stamp
    Innova Shimmer Star Mystere (Reaper Edition) 175g Unique w/Rainbow Stamp
    Innova Shimmer Star Mystere (Reaper Edition)

    Innova Mystere Review

    The Innova Mystere is a versatile distance driver that has earned its place in many disc golfers' bags. Classified as a stable disc, the Mystere offers a reliable flight path, making it an excellent choice for players looking to achieve maximum distance with controlled accuracy.

    Innova Mystere Flight Numbers:

    • Speed: 11
    • Glide: 6
    • Turn: -2
    • Fade: 2


    • Diameter: 21.10 cm
    • Height: 1.60 cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
    • Rim Width: 2.20 cm


    Originally released exclusively for tournament players, the Mystere quickly gained popularity due to its high speed, significant glide, and balanced turn and fade. This disc is particularly suitable for long, controlled drives, making it a go-to for players seeking both distance and precision.

    Key Features:

    • High Glide: With a glide rating of 6, the Mystere stays in the air longer, providing extra distance even on lower power throws.
    • Balanced Stability: The -2 turn and 2 fade create a gentle S-curve flight pattern, perfect for shaping shots and navigating tight fairways.
    • Beginner Friendly: Despite being a high-speed driver, the Mystere is beginner-friendly, allowing new players to achieve impressive distance as they grow their skills.
    • Versatile Performance: Whether you're throwing backhand or forehand, the Mystere delivers consistent performance, making it a versatile addition to any bag.

    Recommended For:

    • Players seeking a high-speed driver that combines distance with control.
    • Those looking to shape shots with a reliable S-curve flight pattern.
    • Beginners and intermediate players who want to add a versatile distance driver to their arsenal.

    Whether you're navigating a wooded fairway or aiming for maximum distance in an open field, the Innova Mystere provides the performance and reliability needed to elevate your game. Give the Mystere a throw and experience the perfect balance of speed, glide, and control.

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