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    4 products
    Discraft Z Sparkle Glo Drone (Ledgestone)
    Sold Out
    Discraft ESP Special Edition Cool Bear Drone
    Discraft ESP Drone (Cool Bear)  175g-176g Off-white w/Red Stamp
    Discraft ESP Drone (Cool Bear)
    Sold Out
    Discraft Tour Series Z-Swirl Drone (Ledgestone 2022) 177g+ Pink-ish/Purple w/Black Stamp
    Discraft Tour Series Z-Swirl Drone (Ledgestone 2022) 177g+ Light Pink-ish w/Black Stamp
    Discraft Tour Series Z-Swirl Drone (Ledgestone 2022)
    Discraft ESP Drone (SE Bar Stamp) 175g-176g Blue Swirl w/Silver Holographic Stamp
    Discraft ESP Drone (SE Bar Stamp) 175g-176g Purple Swirl w/Silver Holographic Stamp
    Discraft ESP Drone (SE Bar Stamp)

    Discraft Drone Review

    The Drone is one of the most overstable midranges we have in stock. This beefy wind-fighter is the ultra-predictable tool every serious player needs in the bag. Discraft has taken this classic disc out of regular production, but we have plenty of special edition Drones on sale now. Read this Discraft Drone review to determine if this is the right disc for you. 

    Discraft Drone Plastics

    The Drone was once produced in most of Discraft's blends. These days, fresh runs are only available in the following plastics:

    • Z Line: Very stiff and durable with an opaque look. Great for workhorse fairways, high-speed drivers, and utility discs, this plastic can take a beating and still maintain original flight numbers. Generally the most overstable blend. It can be very slick, especially in wet conditions. 
    • ESP: Solid durability but with a more flexible and softer hand feel. Discs generally fly close to their posted fight numbers in ESP.

    Discraft Drone Flight Numbers

    • Speed: 5
    • Glide: 3
    • Turn: 1
    • Fade: 4

    The Drone has a rare +1 turn rating, meaning it will not only never get any anhyzer turn, but it will also actively pull to the hyzer side. While this isn't an every-hole workhorse, it is clutch in scramble scenarios and extreme conditions. It is fantastic for forehand anhyzer flex shots, tight spike hyzers, and battling stiff headwinds. 


    • Diameter: 21.5cm
    • Height: 2.0cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.3cm
    • Rim Width: 1.5cm

    These measurements are similar to Discraft's famous midrange the Zone, but with a critical difference: 0.3cm of extra rim width. This makes the Drone's rim extremely thick and beefy, with plenty of plastic to grab ahold of. Even the new Zone "OS" (OverStable) does not have such a thick rim. The Drone has by far the widest rim in Discraft's midrange category. 


    When the Drone debuted in 2005, it joined the Buzzz and Wasp in a well-rounded Discraft midrange lineup. It was popular amongst power throwers, particularly so for forehand-dominant players. The subsequent releases of the Zone, Malta, and Buzzz OS have all eaten into the Drone's market share. It is now only available in special runs. 

    Skill Level Recommendations

    • Novice: This is the exact kind of disc that beginners should avoid. 
    • Intermediate: An excellent disc to put in the bag on very windy days.  
    • Advanced: Excellent utility midrange that will always finish on hyzer. 
    • Pro: Sponsored professional Andrew Presnell has a signature series Drone, but most Discraft-sponsored players use the Zone, Zone OS, or Malta in their overstable midrange slot.
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