The 10 Most Overstable Midrange Discs

by Denis Flaschner, Professional | PDGA #49081

Most Overstable Midrange Discs

We all need a super overstable midrange disc in our bag that will provide a dependable and predictable flight in all weather conditions. Whether it's fighting hurricane force winds or avoiding heavy rough, the knowledge that a disc will always fade on hyzer is a much needed confidence boost when stepping up to a tricky shot.

In this article we're taking a look at the most overstable midranges. This group is full of flat tops, thick rims and heavy blunt edges that can handle maximum speed and torque without flipping over. Most popular in premium plastics, these beefy molds will take a beating and still hold a reliable fade.

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Most Overstable Midranges

Innova Gator

  • Flight numbers: 5 | 2 | 0 | 4
  • Dimensions: Diameter 21.2cm, Height 1.9cm, Rim Depth 1.4cm, Rim Width 1.3cm
  • Popular Plastics: Champion, Metal Flake

Innova Gator Midrange

The Gator has long paired perfectly as an overstable compliment to Innova's flagship mid range, the Roc. The two discs have very similar hand feel, so if you are a Roc fan then the Gator is a natural pairing. Released on hyzer, it maintains the hyzer line, no matter what.

This overstable mid has a prominent bead under the rim, and most runs of this mold have a bit of dome on top. The somewhat rare flat top Gators are prized possessions. The combo of slight dome with a big bead make this disc a bit less comfortable in a forehand grip.

Jessica Weese and Joel Freeman love the Gator so much they made it their 2022 tour series disc!

Dynamic Discs Justice

  • Flight numbers: 5 | 3 | 1 | 4
  • Dimensions: Diameter 21.3cm, Height 1.7cm, Rim Depth 1.3cm, Rim Thickness 1.5cm
  • Popular Plastics: Lucid 

The Justice has long held the title of the most overstable midrange on the market. Especially popular for forehand shots, this disc will turn make almost any release angle turn into a spike hyzer. Not a great option for beginners, this is for seasoned disc golfers who can throw harder than average.

Give the Justice some height and it will dive to the ground on an almost vertical path. With an anhyzer release, it will immediately begin to turn back to hyzer, allowing for some extremely tight flex shots. The Justice has a lot of speed for a midrange, and will get a small amount of skip. This is a very aggressive disc for more advanced players that requires at least intermediate level power to control.

Discraft Buzzz OS

  • Flight Numbers: 5 | 4 | 0 | 3
  • Dimensions: Diameter 21.7 cm, Height 1.7 cm, Rim Depth 1.2 cm Rim Thickness 1.3 cm
  • Popular Plastics: Z-Line

Discraft Buzzz OS overstable mid range

The Discraft Buzzz OS (overstable) is one of the best forehand midrange discs, With a turn rating of 0 instead of -1, and a fade of 3 instead of 1, the Buzzz OS is way more overstable.

Pull out a Buzzz OS anytime you are facing a headwind or you need a reliable fading finish at the end of your shot. Add some anhyzer on your release and the Buzzz OS makes a great driving midrange for those tee shots under 300 feet.

The Buzzz OS is the perfect compliment to the regular Buzzz and many players choose to bag both of these popular midranges. If you like how the Buzzz fits in the hand and want a similar feeling disc give this disc a shot! You can find the Buzzz OS and other Discraft discs here.

MVP Deflector

  • Flight numbers: 5 | 3.5 | 0 | 4
  • Dimensions: Diameter 21.5cm, Height 2.0cm, Rim Depth 1.3cm, Rim Thickness 1.6cm
  • Popular plastics: Neutron, Proton

With the introduction of the Deflector onto the scene, the Justice has some competition for the most overstable midrange title. The Deflector's massive 1.6cm wide rim is the thickest of any midrange we can find. If you are a power player who needs a midrange that will never, ever turn over, then this is the disc you are looking for.

Only the biggest arms will be able to get the Deflector to fly straight for any amount of its flight. For an average player, the moment this disc leaves the hand it immediately takes a hard hyzer turn and dives to the ground. Like the Justice, it has quite a bit of speed and will get a lot of skip for a midrange. For some in depth information from the MVP design team, check out this video.

Innova Caiman

  • Flight numbers: 5.5 | 2 | 0 | 4
  • Dimensions: Diamter 21.1cm, Height 1.7cm, Rim Depth 1.4cm, Rim Width 1.4cm
  • Popular Plastics: Star, Champion

The Caiman is Innova's alternative to the Gator. Players love its lower profile, flatter top and smaller bead under the rim (referred to as a "microbead"). It will get similar flight to the Gator, but with a very different hand feel, particularly for forehand grip.

With a 5.5 speed rating, the Caiman is fast for a mid range. It gets down the fairway in a hurry before fading with hyzer. Though it has the same 4 fade as the Justice and Deflector, it is not quite as freakishly overstable, and bigger arms might be able to get some glide out of the Caiman.

Discraft Drone

  • Flight numbers: 5 | 3 | 1 | 4
  • Dimensions: Diameter 21.5cm, Height 2.0cm, Rim Depth 1.3cm, Rim Thickness 1.5cm
  • Popular Plastics: ESP, Big Z, Tour Series Z

Discraft Overstable Drone

The Drone is the overstable compliment to Discraft's flagship midrange the Buzzz. Even more overstable than the Buzzz OS ("Over Stable"), this disc is a great option for conditions where a Buzzz may have too much glide or might turn over. It does have tall profile with a bit of dome to the top, making it less comfortable for some players.

As far as Discraft plastics go, Big Z is least stable and most workable, while Tour Series Z is most overstable. Pro Andrew Presnell put his name on the Tour Series Drone, and in this "in the bag" video he goes through the multiple versions of the Drone he carries on tour.

The disc pictured above is a special edition ESP Drone.

Westside Anvil

  • Flight numbers: 4 | 2 | 0 | 4
  • Dimensions: Diameter 21.3cm, Height 1.8cm, Rim Depth 1.2cm, Rim Thickness 1.5cm
  • Popular Plastics: VIP, Burst



The Anvil is the faster and beefier cousin of the Westside's popular midrange/putter hybrid the Harp. True to its name, the Anvil wants to drop to the ground hard. This beadless midrange has the requisite flat top and wide rim common among many super overstable discs.

Available in durable VIP plastic, the Anvil is meant to take a beating and remain true to its flight numbers. If you are a big fan of the Harp, check out an Anvil for extremely windy days and spikey hyzer shots.

DGA Quake

  • Flight numbers: 5 | 3 | 0 | 3
  • Dimensions: Diameter 21.6cm, Height 1.7cm, Rim Depth 1.2cm, Rim Thickness 1.5cm
  • Popular Plastics: ProLine

What immediately stands out about the Quake is its very low profile. Its 1.7cm height combined with a relatively shallow 1.2cm rim depth makes it extremely flat. This allows for a very comfortable grip for most players, especially for forehand throws.

Because of this comfortable feeling in the hand, the Quake is a good option for newer players looking for their first overstable midrange disc. Like all the discs on this list, it fights the wind and has an ultra reliable flight path, but isn't so overstable as to make it unusable for a lower power player.

Prodigy A2

  • Flight Numbers: 4 | 4 | 0 | 3
  • Dimensions: Diameter 21.0cm, Height 1.9cm, Rim Depth 1.2cm, Rim Thickness 1.4cm
  • Popular Plastics: 400, 750

The smallest diameter disc on this list, the A2 is listed in the "putt and approach" category, but its extreme overstable flight ratings make it more of a midrange. Very flat and very reliable, the A2 is popular for both backhand and forehand throws. With a bit less speed than most midranges, it will get minimal skip when it hits the ground.

Prodigy has the most intuitive plastic rating system in the sport. Simply put, the higher the number, the more stiff, durable, and overstable the plastic will be. A 400 A2 will be workable with some glide, and could beat in to become a straight flying disc. The 750 version is more durable and will hold its sharp fade for a long time.

Discmania Mutant

  • Flight numbers: 5 | 3 | 0 | 4
  • Dimensions: Diameter 21.7cm, Height 1.8cm, Rim Depth 1.2cm, Rim Thickness 1.3cm
  • Popular Plastics: Neo

With their exodus from under the Innova umbrella, Discmania has moved production to Europe and re-tooled their lineup. The Evolution line Mutant is essentially a replacement for the MD5, the classic Dismania overstable midrange. This disc shapes up to be a slower version Tilt, the freakishly overstable driver Dismania released last year.

As per the Discmania webite, the design principle for the Mutant was to create a disc "with no round surfaces." It has a very blocky, almost squared-off rim that encircles an extremely flat flight plate. This does give it a unique hand feel. Just released in fall of 2021, keep an eye out for Discmania make a lot Mutants available in 2022.

Photo of three overstable mid range discs


What is the most overstable midrange disc?

The most overstable midrange disc is a tie between the Dynamic Discs Justice and MVP Deflector. Both are very beefy mids that maintain stability in the most extreme conditions. Noodle arms should stay away from these overstable monsters. Check out this article about disc stability for more information about what makes a disc overstable.

When should you use an overstable midrange?

You should use an overstable midrange when you absolutely must finish a throw with hyzer fade or when you need to fight a strong headwind.

What are the best shots for an overstable midrange?

The best shots for overstable midranges are Spike hyzers, tight flex shots, and short approaches that need to get on the ground quickly.

What are the worst shots for an overstable midrange?

Straight shots, turnover lines, and tailwind throws are not great shots for these discs. Basically anything that requires some glide.

What is a good overstable midrange for beginners?

Beginners should check out the Buzzz OS or Prodigy A2 in base plastics for more throwable options.

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