Putter Review: Axiom Envy vs MVP Nomad, Ion, Anode & Atom

by Mandy Lee

Axiom Envy vs MVP Ion vs Atom vs Anode vs Nomad

When it comes to choosing putters, there are a few factors that you’ll have to consider. Are you looking for just one putter to do everything? Or are you shopping around for a specific putter to further dial in your game in the circles?

Especially with a company like MVP Discs and their sister brand Axiom, there’s much to compare when it comes to putters. They definitely have their similarities, but there are a lot of differences when it comes to weight, plastic type, and mold design. And don’t forget colors! We love Axiom for the awesome color options.

If you’re looking to dabble in different putters, you can’t go wrong with any of the MVP putters. Most people do carry several putters for specific situations, so it’s a good idea to have a few that you like in various stages of wear.

Let’s compare the highly regarded and extremely well-loved Axiom Envy to the other popular putters from the MVP line: the Ion, Anode, Atom, and Nomad.

Spoiler Alert: Our pick is the Envy. You can get one from our Axiom Discs collection, or check out all of the MVP discs we have for sale.

Axiom Envy vs. MVP Anode

MVP Anode

The Axiom Envy was actually born two years after the MVP Anode. The MVP Anode is an 11 mm ultra-straight neutral putter that was designed to beat in slowly over time and maintain good glide. It has a curved inner rim that is fairly deep.

It’s a disc that is also sometimes paired in players’ bags with the MVP Ion. Because the Ion has more stability than the Anode, the Ion will tackle wind better and handle more power. In a strong wind, the Anode will turn. When it compares to the Envy, though, the Envy still comes out with better rankings in terms of consistency when facing a tricky headwind shot.

Fans of the MVP Anode love its predictability and balanced feel between flexibility and grip. It’s a great disc for shaping a variety of lines out on the course as it has a tendency to hold whatever line you put it on. In different plastics, it can cover everything from putter drives off the tee to smooth putting.

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Our recommendation is, give the Anode a chance if you have a smooth and flat release and are a fan of deep putters. Try it in Electron plastic for putting and Proton plastic for approach shots.

Axiom Envy vs. MVP Atom

MVP Atom Putter

The Atom is billed by MVP Disc Sports as a straight-stable putter. With a shallower mold, it’s a great putt and approach disc. It’s different from the other MVP putters due to its squared-off inner rim rather than the signature curved rim that the Ion and Anode have.

The Atom is actually based on the Envy core with a 10 mm overmolded wing. Compared to the flat MVP Atom wing, the wing of the Envy has a pronounced curve on the bottom.

The flight of the Atom is similar to the Anode but will feel a tiny bit faster out of the hand, and overall will feel like a straighter flying Envy. It is more of a “point and shoot” putter because of its reliably straight and accurate flight characteristics, which makes it very user-friendly. People love the sleek feel of the disc, as well. It’s great for longer spin putts- just aim right at the pole and you should be golden.

The Atom will not have the same wind resistance as the Ion and definitely not the Envy, but will do fairly okay if given some hyzer on a drive. Overall, the Atom may be a better putter choice for the intermediate or advanced player due to the Envy’s overstability, because making it hold a hyzer will require some cleaner form.

Axiom Envy vs. MVP Nomad

MVP Nomad

The MVP Nomad is the first release from 2021 World Champion James Conrad’s line and is one of the best disc golf putters for beginners. Initial reviews have come out saying the overall flight is neutral on drives and is stable to overstable for putts.

The Nomad in Electron plastic was created with James Conrad’s preferences and input at heart, and because of that, it has a small bead, a super grippy rim, and comes in at 9 mm.

Recent reports have come in saying that an interesting effect of the Nomad is that when it hits chains, it seems to drop straight down, unlike other putters that have a tendency to carry on and glide past metal chains. Because of this, many people would probably enjoy using the Nomad as a putter for ease of use.

This disc is also reported to have a wonderfully straight flight regardless of the amount of torque you put on it. Do note, it doesn’t seem the strongest in winds as it is quite floaty. And yet again, if we are comparing the Nomad to the Envy, the Envy will do better in windy conditions.

Axiom Envy vs. MVP Ion 

The Axiom Envy is one of the most popular selling discs by MVP. Approved in 2014, it’s a fast, overstable beaded putter whereas the MVP Ion is more traditionally shaped. Some have likened the Ion to a Gateway Wizard. Here's more info on beaded vs beadless putters.

The 11 mm Ion will display a touch more glide and potential for distance, especially from a backhanded throw. Whether you’re tossing it from 40 feet or launched off the tee, it’ll have a reliably smooth glide. It has the feeling of a fairly deep dish with a rounded/curved inner rim for your fingers, and if you have larger hands, this will feel more comfortable for you to backhand. Some disc golfers say it’s this exact quality that makes the Ion difficult to flick forehand, though.

For headwind situations, the Axiom Envy will probably be a better choice than the MVP Ion in terms of extra wind resistance on upshots. Because of its thicker wing, a flat release will serve you well in those situations. And due to its overstability, it won’t turn too much unless you apply an extreme amount of torque.

In the case of general putting (not in crazy wind conditions), the stable-to-overstable Ion is a favorite of many and can coexist in the same bag as the Envy.

Both of these putters have very similar flights overall. It’s suggested that the Envy makes a better driving putter and the Ion is a better putting putter. But it’s all up to how they feel in your hands!

Our Pick: Axiom Envy

Axiom Envy
Ultimately, if you’re looking for “one putter to rule them all,” we’d say the Envy is a safe bet. It’s great for a one-disc round, and due to its overstability, you can rock it both forehand and backhand, and trust that it will remain high-speed stable. People also really like the Envy because of its unique combination of glide and reliability.

Just remember that your putting preferences are purely personal. What works for one disc golfer may not work for you. For you to grasp the concepts that we discuss, it’s going to be beneficial for your to literally grasp various putters when you’re out shopping around.

Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with putt and approach discs, because your putters are going to be the most-used disc in your bag.

Regardless of whichever putter you go with, at the end of the day, consistency and practice are key to building confidence in hitting those chains.

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